Architecturally driven projects

We have been involved In many architecturally advanced modern builds with high specification and finishes. We have also worked on the detailed restoration of traditional properties with impressively designed and integrated contemporary extensions. Our high level of success in the detailed precise finishes of our buildings all start with an eye for detail in the very early stages of tendering. We feel accurate, unambiguous tendering is where the success of a quality lead build project all starts.  

Our aim within the tender process 

Our aim is to supply you with a concise tender that can be applied to the project without potential problems and mid project price readjustments. This, as we know, can have a severely negative impact on builds. We get our pricing structure right from the start, with concise research on constituent materials, and our constant attention to the finer details.  

Pain free builds are what we try and deliver 

We may not be the cheapest in the process, but our final tenders are based on a fully researched, solid and honest price structure, with attention to detail within the project specification. This allows us to deliver the project smoothly with an extensive and experienced skilled crew, keeping potential inconveniences and disruptions to a bare minimum. Paving the best possible way for a pain free building project for you and your client.  

Why choose JDW to tender for your project?



We have a dedicated tender and estimate department


We get our pricing right, producing smooth running projects

Every project is fully project managed

We give prompt and concise tender responses

We have an extensive highly skilled team


We are experienced in complex building projects


Every tender is fully researched with a detailed response

We have experienced building crews


We have experience in traditional and modern architecture


We are experienced in tendering for complex builds

We have experienced site managers


We are known for getting the best from unusual builds 

Would you like to use us in your tender process? Please give us a call and we can set up a system that suits you.