JDW Building and Conservation have a vast array of skills and specialisms which enable us to tackle any size of building and construction project. Whatever the complexity we have the workforce and ingenuity to manage any project. Focused on exacting  standards, smooth project delivery and finishes that excel in our industry, we feel we are the 'go to' company for clients who want great quality work at realistic prices.  


We have a great reputation for building new homes, both modern and contemporary. Modern building construction starts with a great interpretation of contemporary building design, coupled with an extensive knowledge of all the latest building technologies. JDW are always striving to keep in close contact with the latest products and services and this attention to detail can transform a new build into something special. We can produce buildings contemporary in design, with modern, high quality insulation and finishes. JDW deliver houses that not only look and feel good, but also deliver on practicality and cost. We have all the skill-sets to take on any design, whether traditional in style or challenging in  nature.


Getting your extension right is a real skill and we have had the great pleasure over the years to work on some interesting projects. We have worked on a wide range, from extensions that have kept to the structure's period all the way up to modern extensions that are exciting and technically challenging. We have worked over a range of structures including listed buildings, houses and retail establishments. JDW have a great track record that sets high standards in workmanship, together with affordable projects that have delighted their owners. 


We have a strong track record of building and conservation work within the region. We work in close conjunction with architects and authorities to give you the best possible service there is. Listed building contractors have a special obligation to the detail and period that they are working in. We feel we have focused conservation specialisms to work on any project within any period. 


Building refurbishment and restoration is all about looking at what you have to work with and getting the best out of the structure and design. Our restoration services take many forms, starting from small simple projects by elevating existing structures into something that has a classic polished finish to it. Other projects can be larger with total refurbishments and structural additions that sympathetically marry details and periods together cohesively. We have the ability to get buildings looking and feeling right, this is due to our knowledge of restoration and refurbishment work, with the added benefit of being able to draw on our skills with the knowledge of conservation projects. Whatever your needs we have the specialist knowledge and experience to help. 


Building and construction project management is something we are passionate about. A project that is professionally managed can be the difference between a client having an average experience, or an experience that is enjoyable and informative, where they feel in control. JDW have a lot to offer within the remit of site and project management. We have many strategies that can make even complicated projects seem very manageable. Being the best at what we do is always our goal; great project management is the very foundation to the continued success of any project, that is why we put it at the top of our list of priorities.     


We are excited to announce our new turnkey house design, build and project management packages for new house and self builds. This is an all-in-one solution. We take the vision of the house you want to build and project manage it from initial conception to a finished house you can call home. Our goal is to give you the joy of a problem free build and peace of mind that all bases are covered, no nasty surprises, just an enjoyable build. 

Self build and home build projects are exciting and should be an enjoyable experience, but how many times have you seen pain and problems on a TV series such as Grand Designs? The reason many of these projects on shows like Grand Designs do go wrong are usually always down to project management, with the lack of technical build skills controlling the whole house build. Having lots of different trades involved, but no one to glue it all together with the relevant knowledge, is always a weak point within a project. This is where our self build turnkey packages shine.  In our first consultation, we take your initial idea and talk about the steps you need to look at for its success. We then select an architect that we know can deliver on your vision from a group of trusted architects, people that we have worked with closely before. We all then move forward with a well executed plan of project management and build schedules.  Refreshingly, you now have one point of contact that will make sure you know everything there is to know. We will run the day to day project management in its entirety, working with your budget and keeping you regularly updated throughout all the stages. 

Delivering your vision in all its glory without any hidden problems and surprises, that is our number one aim. This gives you the Holy Grail in any project build, your peace of mind. Our packages are not as expensive as you may think, especially when you take into consideration wasted time that happens on projects that can get out of control. We would love to talk to you about your new house design or self build project. We think we are rather good at delivering our turnkey service, but don’t just take our word for it, have a look at some of the projects we have worked on for yourself. We too are property developers, with a passion for quality, great design and smooth running projects. Give us a call