Bespoke Joinery: The art of joinery and its benefits in construction projects

The appeal of any property can be enhanced by the charm and timeless beauty of natural wood features. Many home owners are now hiring a professional to construct custom made furnishing as opposed to buying already manufactured items. Bespoke joinery is often undertaken as part of construction or refurbishment projects. This art is employed in building a wide range of features including cupboards, custom doors, wardrobes, frames and panelling, as well as more complex projects like staircases, fitted kitchens and building infrastructures for wooden framed building projects.

These items are designed in accordance to the strict specifications of the client or architect. If you are interested in creating a unique style with your wooden constructions, a specialist in bespoke joinery will essentially build your home in a specific manner, while ensuring that all the decorative elements are in place. They will often pay attention to every aspect of the construction, including the wooden window frames and interior doors among others.

What are the benefits and considerations of bespoke joinery?

  • Custom designed and fit joinery will essentially allow you to make the most of every space in your home while maximising storage in the most visually appealing and neatest manner. This is as opposed to purchasing ready made furniture from the store, which will usually not fit into the available space you have. A well designed joinery project will not only fit into your space perfectly, it will also provide you with an inconspicuous method for hiding away your clutter. Custom joinery serves to add value to your home by allowing you to have a big usable living space. 
  • A bespoke joinery company will help you not only with designing the joinery you need, they will also assist you with making it work with the rest of the house. There is nothing more fun than being able to plan the number of shelves you want in your bathroom cabinet, the exact layout of your wardrobe, or getting some extra hidden space to store your unsightly cables.
  • While the initial cost of custom made joinery is a bit higher than buying ready made furniture, the numerous functional benefits derived from having everything around the layout of your house will make the price worthwhile. Adding bespoke features to your property is arguably the easiest and most affordable way through which you can add value to your home. Indeed, bespoke features are known to make properties more appealing to potential buyers as well as tenants. The extra financial cost of bespoke joinery is nothing compared to the aesthetic benefits that can be brought into your living space by a custom designed piece of work.
  • Bespoke joinery can also significantly reduce both your heating and lighting costs. This is because it allows more light into your home, letting the sun naturally heat zones of the house, also it can add additional spaces for insulation. Studies reveal that the majority of bespoke constructions can provide vast improvements to a home’s thermal performance.
  • Bi-folding doors that are the products of bespoke joinery not only efficiently open up your rooms to the outdoors, when closed they also bring in the much needed extra light and sensation of space especially when the weather is not so good, which is unfortunately an all too frequent occurrence in the UK.
  • Wood is an extremely popular choice among homeowners and builders as it is efficient in construction and insulation terms.  With internal finishes it always looks amazing, bringing an organic natural feel to traditional and modern homes. To get the fit and feel right for your project is essential, this is where a skilled professional is worth their money. They can evaluate the vast array of different types of wood and finishes and advise on what is best for your project. 

JDW Building and Conservation feel so passionate about this subject that we started our own joinery sister company, making sure we have full control of all aspects of the creative process. If you need any further information on this subject why not contact JDW Joinery for all the expert advice you will ever need.