Modern House Builds: 10 great reasons to design and build contemporary and passive houses

Given the alarmingly unstable financial climate of the UK in recent years and the unpredictability of the market, it is perhaps unsurprising that so many people have begun to turn their attention to building houses of their own. Modern, contemporary house building has begun to gain sufficient and notable momentum, with more people beginning to look at designing and building contemporary and passive houses every day. Listed below are ten great reasons for you to think about jumping on the bandwagon and join those partaking in contemporary modern house build.

1. Green
Contemporary modern house build often involves use of exclusively environmentally-friendly materials, meaning that your new home does its very own bit for the carbon footprint.

2. Security
New build homes don’t just look better from the outside - they’re tougher to break into too. Many modern houses are equipped with double-glazed windows and solid new door frames, providing a stern exterior to prevent damage from rough weather and potential vandalism.

3. Safety
Many old houses are built with materials that are now considered to be unsafe or pose a general health risk in modern society. With new build homes this will never be an issue, as contemporary housing can be assembled with pre-approved materials that guarantee safe living conditions within the home.

4. High-Quality
When refurbishing or purchasing an existing home, you’re forced to deal with existing materials, technology and supplies that are now significantly outdated. Building a modern contemporary home gives you access to the best possible materials, supplies and facets on the market; allowing you to build yourself a state-of-the-art home of the highest possible quality.

5. Efficiency
A new mind-set has developed in recent years with regards to home supplies. Instead of making aspects in the home simply more powerful, modern-day designs are often focused around making homes run efficiently. Getting the most possible power for the lowest price not only helps the environment, but also saves you a lot of money in the long run.

6. Budget
Building a contemporary home is often much healthier financially, but also allows you to see exactly what you’re spending, and exactly where all this money is going. Assembling your very own property from the ground up provides you with a clear idea of what money is available from the off, with a number of contemporary support groups and additional funds available for certain eligible parties.

7. Modern Living
The modern world continues to advance at a rapid rate, and refurbishing an existing property to attempt to keep up with the frequent changes in the world can be a stressful and costly procedure. Contemporary house design allows you to assemble the type of home that can account for modern-day living, allowing you to go about your daily business unhampered by out-of-date housing that can slow your fast 21st Century lifestyle down to a crawl.

8. Room for Manoeuvre
Modern design and building allows you to take a step back away from your property and re-evaluate things to improve it where necessary. Unlike existing properties, contemporary houses by their very nature can be redesigned relatively easily, allowing you to tinker with your home until you get it just right, for minimal expense.

9. Flexibility
You can add on when you wish to. There are no regulations or old materials that need fixing right away with a modern-day house build. Designing and building can be as long/short process as you want it to be.

10. Future
Getting involved in contemporary modern house build allows you to create your very own dream home; providing a glorious future for you and your family. 

JDW Building and Conservation have extensive knowledge in contemporary and modern house design and build. We can advise on all aspects of the build and also supply turnkey solutions, working closely with our architects, bringing you peace of mind with a well managed project. Give us a call if you would like to discuss our services any more detail.