JDW Building and Conservation in Cheltenham

We have great pride in announcing that JDW will be forming  a base in Cheltenham over the next year. Moving into Cheltenham has felt like a natural progression for us as a business due to the nature of our work. We feel we have a natural affinity with, and relevance to the architecture of Cheltenham. This suits our high attention to detail that is present in all projects that we manage and construct. 

Builders in Cheltenham: The right building ethos for Cheltenham’s architecture

JDW has an ethos of blending modern architectural buildings and extensions with historical, period and listed properties. It has been well documented that we have an expertise in unifying new and old architecture to high standards, getting the best from any project. This is why we thought it essential that we make Cheltenham head of our company expansion plan.  We relish complex building challenges which draw heavily on our experience of technical building and construction techniques. This has established us with a reputation for building structures that others have thought just too challenging. 

Demanding conservation and restoration projects need committed builders

Over the years we have built an excellent reputation for taking on unusual and demanding building projects. Working closely with local and national architects we have created buildings, structures and extensions that we are very proud of and that our clients have been exceptionally happy with. 

Building on conservation history in Regency Cheltenham 

One of the draws of Cheltenham for us is its rich vein of architecture. Cheltenham being famous for its Regency architecture is said to be the most complete Regency town in England. Because it was specifically designed in the 18th and 19th century as a pleasure and health resort for wealthy visitors, Cheltenham has an exceptional range of quality architecture. When it comes to renovation, building and extension work, this sort of architecture needs no compromise. Attention to detail and high quality conservation, restoration and additional building work is the key to keeping the striking looks of a city like Cheltenham. JDW aim to be part of the rich tapestry of this building tradition of quality structures within the city.

Conservation Building: Getting the best from builders in Cheltenham 

We love that many of the buildings are listed, including the Cheltenham Synagogue, which was judged by Nikolaus Pevsner to be one of the architecturally best non-Anglican ecclesiastical buildings in Britain. Conservation building services are a high priority for us. We have many years of conservation work and are specialists in many building techniques. This has given us the ability to tackle historical building restorations and complex extension work with a flare for detail and precision.

Builders with passion for working on listed buildings.

We have a passion for looking at listed buildings, restoration, and modern building projects. We have a great reputation for prompt and precise technical specification quotations. No project is ever too complex or technical, we revel in unchartered territory using our skills to create an elegant solution. Listed building refurbishment, extensions modern house builds and conversions are our passion and specialism.

3 Steps for planning a successful modern house build or extension In Cheltenham

With planning now favouring a clear demarkation between architectural periods and styles it is imperative that people get good advice from architects that can bring modern and traditional designs together cohesively; the correct tension fused between these two styles can create something truly stunning that will add to your architecture for centuries. 

Step 1: Choose your architect well

The first step is to find an architect that can deliver on your dream, someone that can truly look at the whole picture and create something elegant, exciting and visionary. We can help with this. We have worked with some truly exceptional architects within this field, just give us a call and we can give you a list of worthy contenders.

Step 2: Make sure you are looking at the right quote.

The next step is to find a building and construction company that can interpret the project and concept, feeding back accurate detailed costings and specifications to the architect. To get costings right at the outset is important for the health of the build. If your building company quote is too cheap and the project can't be realised for this quotation, It will have a hard-hitting affect on the project. Getting this initial part wrong can bring a project to its knees. You want the correct fit and finishes, you want the project to hit time milestones, on the other hand no one ever wants to pay too much money for a project either! JDW have a steadfast focus on this initial part of the process, we pride ourselves on getting all the relevant information back to the architect in a prompt professional manner, focusing on getting the costs right first time. 

Step 3: Working as one team produces great building projects

The next step is for the builders to work closely with their client and architect to bring the project to life. With an acute attention to detail they should be able to deliver an unrivalled finished project smoothly. Using strong project management and communication techniques, they should be on top of the project and give confidence to the client every step of the way. This is the truly important bit, it is where your project becomes a pleasure or pain. We know communication and organisation is one of the most important values to have as a company. JDW have a proven track record in this department and feel it sets us apart from most. We have enjoyed lasting relationships with many architects and have a long list of happy clients. This is the final piece of the jigsaw, get all these right and you will have many years of happy memories and architecture that you love. 

We believe in the highest quality building and construction techniques and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in the world of modern building and construction. JDW have built new modern homes using contemporary architecturally driven designs to the highest of standards. We have produced some stunning iconic houses in our past. We have built traditional and modern extensions that have stood the test of time and design, with a fastidious focus on detailed finishes. We have been involved with restoration projects that have been both technically challenging and a labour of love. This is why we feel we are qualified to bring the JDW ethos to Cheltenham together with the working practices of a modern forward thinking building company.